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"The winds lulling a dreaming bear,

          small goblins growling

    and the cries of the seagull."


Lonely singer sits on stage with a computer in her lap. She sings a frase and then another, and suddenly her solo voice makes up a whole choir of yoiking, quarrelling of water demons, the howling of the winds or archaic kalevala rune singing.

The music of Veera Voima bases strongly on ancient finnish heritage, but at the same time takes influences from all around, for example from pygmi yodling or throat singing of inuit people. The kalevala lyrics of her songs come from the era when myths were made and the shamans sang. These old verses have carried the ancient believes of our forfathers to our days: the birth of world, the origin of bear and the legend of the world tree that made the Milky way.


- Water spirit

2. Raudan synty
- The origin of iron


3. Pohjoinen maisema
- Northern landscape